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Out Of Africa

May 07, 2015 (0) Comments
by Jose Ramos

Outside of the usual, nature, architecture, textile and the like; Music can be such an inspiration as well. While out shopping for rugs to add to our small but, quickly growing, selections The indefatigable 80's classic 'Africa' by Toto, was the first thing we thought when we saw the Wonderland Rug. The...

Triple Crown

Apr 21, 2015 (0) Comments
by Jose Ramos

Triple Crown season is coming up very soon. Sadly, I will be missing the Nation's oldest sporting event, the Kentucky Derby. Our team has been in love with this event since our first showing in 2007. The two week event culminates with "The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports" held...


It  no secret, I love lamps/lighting. My home is filled with them from cheerful and fun to stylishly elegant. I love how you can create ambiance and mood especially when you use the best bulbs. This being said, I am not encouraging that you light up your home like a super store....

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