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Out Of Africa

May 07, 2015 (0) Comments
by Jose Ramos

Outside of the usual, nature, architecture, textile and the like; Music can be such an inspiration as well. While out shopping for rugs to add to our small but, quickly growing, selections The indefatigable 80's classic 'Africa' by Toto, was the first thing we thought when we saw the Wonderland Rug. The team saw so many applications where this would fit, from themed rooms to elegant drawing rooms to kids play rooms. Reflecting on our Big 80's experiences (they are few) of geometric patterns, decadence, glam and big sophistication we discovered that while much of that era was a fad, it also left us with some timeless classics. We knew we had to have it. Style tip here is to be brave and go big! We would love to hear from you re: your own 150Style.


Appreciate the rains and CREATE


J. Elan Ramos


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