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It  no secret, I love lamps/lighting. My home is filled with them from cheerful and fun to stylishly elegant. I love how you can create ambiance and mood especially when you use the best bulbs. This being said, I am not encouraging that you light up your home like a super store. Keep it simple and at your comfort level. For me, I prefer a 60W soft pink bulb. In our team's hunt for new and exciting product we came across some chic lamps that feature Agate (a fine grained and colourful quartz). The colour saturation and banding are to beat the band. What we like most about this line is that the agate itself is the star, used in conjunction with very simple and non competing bases and forms. The bookends we found are quite special as well (I like them as sculpture pieces for my office). No matter the colour, it will sure to be a bold pop in any room. If you need ideas for creating a mood or just a lamp to read by, check out some of what we like.


Create and Shine,

J. Elan Ramos

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